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About Ziip Lab

Ziip Lab works to develop the best e-liquid and devices in the e-cigarette market. We work hard to develop a range of premium flavors and products that delight our customers, and help them in their journey to giving up smoking.

If you are an adult regular smoker be sure to try our products!

Founded in 2015, Ziip Lab (ZLab) has relentlessly researched and developed the best e-liquid, atomizers, and devices on the e-cigarette market. Our main goal being to help smokers worldwide give up smoking tobacco and maintain a healthy, smoke-free lifestyle. Our creativity and passion has given us the opportunity to create a wide range of premium e-juice flavors and products that delight our customers and help them on their journey to quit smoking.

If you are an adult regular smoker be sure to try our products!

We are committed to customer satisfaction, reliability, and consistency. This unwavering commitment has earned us a place as a leading brand in the market. What’s more, our independent, 350,000 sq ft office building–located in Shenzhen, China–supports more than 2,500 employees, with a daily production capacity of more than 200,000 electronic cigarettes.

With the use of independent research and core-patented technologies, as well as years of technical accumulation and stable high-quality product output, Ziip Lab’s products are well-recognized by global consumers.

Our faith-based, mutual benefit, and sustainable management are all core components that contribute to ZLab’s thriving ecosystem. We insist on innovative R&D as our cornerstone, and promote our products as a stepping stone to better quality-of-life. With service-oriented marketing as our guide, the quality and efficiency we provide to our customers is unmatched!

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